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Little Belt Cattle Company


Little Belt Cattle Company is a family owned and operated American brand founded by combat veterans. We care about raising high quality beef that improves the land we love in the process.

We are named for the Little Belt Mountains, a small range that frames the northern border of our ranch that embodies our values in its likeness. We honor the people who settled here long ago by pouring our own blood, sweat, triumph, and tribulation into this land. Building a start up cattle company in 2020 isn't an easy road. You can be sure when you buy Little Belt beef or wear the L-B brand you are representing the American dream and proving that it's still alive and well. We exist to fuel your adventures, family dinners, BBQs, good times, health and dreams in a way that is both good for you and good for your environment. We are Little Belt Cattle Company, a proud American Brand. 


The Ranch

Little Belt Cattle Company is proud to call Martinsdale Montana our home. Nestled into the foothills of the Little Belt Mountains, Little Belt Ranch consists of over 20,000 contiguous managed acres with tremendous history, strong watersheds, and impressive game. Sharing a 5 mile border with millions of miles of US Forest Service land makes the Little Belt Ranch a remarkable destination. With other land holdings around southern Montana, Little Belt Cattle Company is proud to employ Montanans and veterans to feed our nation and local communities.



The Little Belt Cattle Company herd hails from some of the best programs and genetic lines of Black Angus and Wagyu cattle in Montana. They are born and bred in the open pastures of our ranch and naturally grazed on healthy native mountain grasslands. Our cowboys work our herd the old fashioned way, on horseback. We practice regenerative ranching practices, combined with low stress cattle handling to get the highest performance out of our rangelands and cattle. We maintain ownership of our cattle throughout their entire life cycle, to ensure the highest quality beef from our ranch to your plate.