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Little Belt Cattle Company


Little Belt Cattle Company is a family owned and operated working cattle ranch and premium beef company founded by two former special operations veterans Tim Sheehy and Greg Putnam. LBCC has successfully built a vertically integrated locally sustainable supply chain of 100% Montana beef. At Little Belt Cattle Company we retain ownership of our cattle throughout their lifecycle, providing quality assurance every step of the way. Our company takes its name after the Little Belt Mountains, a small range that frames the northern border of our ranch headquarters where we run our cow/calf and yearling operations. All of our premium beef program cattle are grain finished at Yellowstone Cattle Feeders, our commercial finishing yard located in Shepherd, MT. You can trust that our cattle and beef have been raised the right way, the Montana way.



The Little Belt Cattle Company’s commercial cow herd and bulls hail from some of the top registered seed stock Black Angus producers in Montana. They are born and bred in the open pastures of our ranch and rotationally grazed on healthy native mountain pasture and grasslands throughout the year. All of our staff are BQA certified, and practice low stress stock handling techniques on horseback. We utilize regenerative ranching practices to get the highest level of performance out of both our rangelands and cattle. Our cattle are raised with the highest level of care and with no unnecessary antibiotics, zero added hormones, and are pasture raised and grain finished for upper choice and prime grade premium beef. All L-B premium beef cattle are single sourced and direct from our ranching operation to you.